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Media, Culture and Leadership at SC

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MP with Gary Liu, CEO, SCMP

Date: 12 September 2018

Time: 5:00 to 6:30 pm

Location: Meng Wah Hall, T4

Moderator:  Ross Settles (LinkedIn)

Draft Talking Points

  • Introductions
  • Setting the Stage:  The New “SCMP”.
  • Telling the China story from a uniquely Asian perspective.
    What does that mean in terms of the coverage?

+ China Story


Watching the Morning Rush

+ Uniquely Asian Perspective

  • Telling it globally… what does that mean for the audience.
  • Do they have a typical reader in mind?  In HK, Overseas, by market?
  • Technology: How are they using technology to achieve this goal
  • Making a Business:  Decisions in a Tough Media Environment (Optional)
  • How does he see the outlook for the media business.  The future of different revenue streams? Advertising, Paid Content, other services. Technology?
  • How is SCMP navigating these changes?
  • How does SCMP’s business as the reach and reputation becomes more global?
  • According to the tools I have, the SCMP is no longer blocked in China.
  • Can he confirm. What role does China and Chinese language play in SCMP’s future?
  • Setting the Tone: Work Culture at the SCMP
  • Gary has talked a lot about setting a new culture for the new SCMP. Why is culture important?
  • Changing an old “church and state” newspaper culture is tough.

What elements of the old culture has he tried to preserve?
What new features has he tried to inculcate?

  • How does he feel the cultural conversion is going?
    SMCP has recently initiated a domestic partners program… is this part of the new culture and how so?
  • Students and The Future:
  • What do you see as the most important skills for students interested in journalism and media in the future?
  • What type of talent do you find the most difficult to recruit?
  • What advice would you give students in terms of where to focus their educational investment for SCMP or for the media industry in general.
  • What advice would he give JMSC and the faculty for how best to prepare students for a career in journalism and media in the future.


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