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I have dreamed of doing this since I first read Alan Little’s journal of his trip to Mysore in 2001 (?, no time to check the reference now).  I had been practicing for about 6 months, it must have been summer of 2002.

Tonight I will board a plane for Hong Kong on my way to first Bali and then Mysore.  I have thought a lot about why I am going.  Do I expect to get some new pose? Or a secret of Ashtanga Yoga?  Or something else?… Probably in my dreams, but it is really just to pay my respects. For the last 4 plus years I have  been devoted to getting up at an ungodly hour to sweat, twist, stretch my body, my mind and my commitment to a set of values that I will bore you with over the next weeks and months. I go to pay my respects to the living teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois who has taken this practice, ashtanga vinyasa yoga,  into my life and the life of the thousands of others around the world.  Why do I need to do this?  Maybe in paying my respects to Guruji and his grandson Sharath, I will have a new perspective on the practice and myself.

I have a lot of people to thank.  First there are Tim Miller, Dena Kingsberg, David Roche, Lino, Dom.  I would not be doing this if I hadn’t seen your devotion and experienced your attempts to get me and others to understand something about ourselves and the practice.

Then there are the elder sisters and brothers, people who have been on the “path” for longer and who have taught me so much.  Leigha, Anne, Philippe and so many more.   Thanks for the encouragement, the patience, the love.

Then to my fellow practitioners who have been so gracious in my send off.  I feel so special and blessed.  I think they know how vulnerable the trip has made me feel.  Dipita, Laurel and Paul, Mojdeh, Drew thank you for my send-off’s.   It made the whole trip real.

Finally to Ruth who has endured my daily anxiety over everything from a common summer cold, my knees, my house, …  I do believe that I wouldn’t be getting on this plane tonight without her support. She has been my change coach in a way that she probably only begins to realize.

And to Lizzie who probably has no idea that she inspires me everyday.

So, I am packed and ready to go.  I promise to get back to blogging, so look for a more regular posting schedule.

I’m outta here.  Next stop Hong Kong.

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