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So far the trip has been characterized by morning practice and napping. Practice is somehow more relaxed and a little more fluid than at home. Maybe there is less to think about during and after practice. So, all you think about is practice.

Napping well is just that napping, sweet sleep.

This afternoon I added the beach as the newest part of the day. What would Hawaii be without the beach and the sun. This morning’s paper confirmed a forecast of more sun than rain for the next few days at least. So, now we are planning a day trip to Makena.

Tomorrow is the second day of practice with Nancy. Today we practiced with Cassie, also very good solid adjustments. Supta kurmasana, I got my hands together thanks to Cassie’s patient strength. I do like the room, a great mix of very seasoned practitioners (decades I think), newer practitioners and visitors like us. It is encouraging to see the variety of practice. One of the conversations Paul, Laurel and I have been having is whether the practice is a “lifelong” practice. I think the diversity of Nancy’s room is a testament to the longevity of “considered” practice.

Maybe some pictures tomorrow, if I can figure out how to get them from the camera to the phone to the blog.

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